Policies, Terms and Conditions

The booking service provided by Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort starts once you have submitted your booking request. Cancellations for bookings under process will be subject to standard cancellation charges.

Contacting Us
All communications relating to an existing booking must be conducted through our 'Contact Us' form in our contact us area. Communications sent outside this contact process will not be received.

Receiving Our E-mail Communications
It is your responsibility to ensure you can receive our e-mail communications sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of initiating a booking request. Refunds will not be provided for booking issues arising due to un-received communications as a result of personal e-mail account mismanagement.

Booking Amendments
An amendment constitutes changes of check-in date, extending duration of stay, room type, meals, number of guests relating to an existing reservation reference number. Please try to give us as much notice as possible to allow for sufficient time to contact the hotel(s) concerned and a new voucher to be sent to you.

Late Bookings
Booking requests received within 48 hours of check-in.

A cancellation constitutes a partial or complete termination of the booking agreement prior to check-in and relates to an existing reservation reference number.

Cancellation Timing Cancellation Charges

Period (16 Apr 2014 - 31 Oct 2014) & (15 Apr 2015 - 31 Oct 2015)

Period (01 Nov 2014 - 19 Dec 2014) & (11 Jan 2015 - 15 Apr 2015) Period (20 Dec 2014 - 10 Jan 2015) Please note that occasionally charges may vary depending on the individual hotel or operator policy. Should these charges exceed our own policy, the hotel's policy charges will apply. We recommend taking appropriate travel insurance to cover for any eventuality.

No Show / Late Arrival
No show is a failure to check-in on the date specified on your Hotel Voucher and relates to your booking reference number.

Early Check-Out
Early check-out constitutes a partial cancellation of the booking agreement and relates to your booking reference number.

The Hotel Voucher is sent to you confirming your booking. Failure to present this voucher is classed as a 'No Show'.

A charge is collection of the previously agreed amount from a credit card.

A refund constitutes the sum credited back to the originating credit card and is subject to bank charges such as transfer fees without exception.


Hotel Assistance

Unforeseen Delays / Events

Medical Considerations

Travel Insurance

Liability Limitations

Hotel Information
Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort makes its best efforts to ensure that all the information that appears on its website is accurate. However, Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort does not accept liability for any errors and/or omissions and reserves the right to change the information published at any time and without notice.

Below are some general tips which may help you select the type of hotel to suits your needs.



Ratings quoted by $comp Brand are those advised by our suppliers or taken from the Official Hotel Guide as an indication of the standard of the hotels. Star ratings criteria vary from country to country and again we have taken the ratings from our suppliers and/or from the Official Hotel Guide.

The facilities described for the hotels are as described in the hotels own literature or in the "Official Hotel Guide". Hotels can and do add or remove facilities from time to time, and some facilities such as swimming pools are "seasonal". $comp Brand will endeavor to supply you with up to date and accurate information, and to keep you informed of any changes which may materially affect your enjoyment. Where a particular facility or service is of key importance to you, the details should be confirmed by you directly with the hotel.

Check in/out times:


Transfers - Amendments
A transfer amendment constitutes changes of flight details, pick-up times for both arrival and departure. Please try to give us as much notice as possible to allow for sufficient time to contact the parties concerned and for a new voucher to be sent to you.

Transfers - Cancellations
A transfer cancellation constitutes a partial or complete termination of the booking agreement prior to arrival.
All Transfer Vouchers are Non-Refundable, because we outsource to local agents for this service refunds are not available for any unused Transfer Vouchers.

We try our best to make sure that you will be happy with our service and with the hotels you ask us to reserve for you. To do this we inspect the hotels in our major destinations from time to time, get feedback from our agents and most importantly, we get feedback from you, our customers.

In the case of any problem or complaint, it is imperative that the client informs Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort at the earliest opportunity in order that they have the chance to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any complaint, which cannot be resolved locally, must be notified in writing to Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort within 3 (THREE) DAYS of the end of the service provided. A copy of the complaint must be also being submitted to and signed by the hotel manager. Failure to do so will limit the opportunities for Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort to seek redress on your behalf and will limit the level of any compensation we are able to negotiate for you.

By making a reservation through Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort or any of our sister web sites, you accept and agree to all the above terms and conditions.